Zombie Song

The city’s vacated

not a single intelligent life there

‘cause everyone ran scared

when people started eating their friends

The streets are infected

Full of meat bags just makin’ a lunch run

for something to munch on

but the menu is strictly human

So run while you can

bring a shotgun and a friend

‘cause the zombies are here to stay

Food is so scarce now

seems like everyone pirated stores here

‘cause all of the shelves near

me have nothing but a couple of crumbs

I have been thinking

I would give anything for a Twinkie

but unfortunately

they all seem to be full of bugs

My girl always told me

that I should try to exercise daily

well I hope that she’s happy

‘cause I’m in the best shape of my life

She’s falling apart now

she lost two fingers, an arm and a leg.. WOW

she smells like a dead cow

and all those brains went straight to her THIGH


Run run... Run run

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