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Tear Dance (It's Alright)


Don't you cry those


Let me wipe all your


Don't you cry those


I had a feeling that you're tired

You don't look so well

You thought I couldn't tell

How badly you rebelled

But you're my daughter and I love you

And I’d go through hell

If only it would quell

This undying spell

Let me wipe all your


I'll always be around

I’ve always be there now

Don’t you cry those


Ill help you figure out

how to find a way

away from those


When I was younger I heard thunder in my dreams and fears

For so many years

It was all I could hear

I wanted rest, I wanted death, I hated all the lies

I said "Father, tell me why?"

This was his reply

Its alright

Its okay

Dont be scared


Oh whoa whoa

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