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Not Anymore

They’re trying to stop me

Rob me

Of my freedom of speech

Telling me don't say

Or play what I believe in but see

I'm gonna be telling them everything, anything that has been on my mind

And if they’re offended by anything mentioned do not expect me to apologize

Who put them in charge

of my pen and my paper?

I get to the mic

And they pull down the fader

Who are you? My Father?

Forget you dictator!

My Father’s in heaven….

The Holy Creator.

What good will it be for me to gain the whole world

To get all the cars and the girls

And all of the diamonds and pearls

But lose my soul?

No. I won’t be a part of their show,

although I liked it before

Now I see corruption and war

We ignored

All of the screaming,

the scheming

The Hatred steaming

All of the demons inside of us

Letting them take all our minds from us

So we believe in a lie because

We wanna be our own Gods

But not anymore


The war has been won, the son had spoke “It is done.”

When he took a shot from our guns.

The wages of death was undone

Now we have a chance!

Cancel every mistake we have made

He’ll take all our debts with a trade

If we just believe that he paid for us

But they’re trying to stop me

Rob me

Of my freedom of speech

Telling me don’t say

Or play

What I believe in but see

I’m sharing good news, this truth shouldn’t be kept from anyone

Now that He died, We are alive, and we’re gonna share it with everyone.

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